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November 2019

Development of a new pavilion for the club has now been agreed with Watford Borough Council, and an order placed. The building is expected to be located adjacent to court 1. It is of a modular design, with the majority of the construction taking place in a factory off-site. Installation should start early in 2020 and take around a month.

The building is about 8m x 4.5m. The design includes an internal kitchen area and a toilet with external access, plus provision of water and electricity, though the timing of the connection of these services is yet to be clarified.

Design specification

Details of the pavilion design can be seen here (PDF 785 kb). Commercially sensitive information has been omitted.


Construction of the pavilion took place in the first half of 2020. Photos of the construction as it progressed can be seen here.


The club finally concluded a short-term Tenancy At Will agreement with Watford Borough Council in late 2021, so that the club could obtain use of the new pavilion while details of a formal lease from the Council are finalised.

December 2020

Decoration of the pavilion interior started with painting the ceiling.

January 2021

Decoration work had to be suspended because of the latest national Coronavirus lockdown.