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and Social Secretary
Janet Lewis
Email: chairman
Phone: 01923 896900
Jonathan Lambton
Email: secretary
Mobile: 07786 912633
André Machell
Email: treasurer
Mobile: 07954 142173
ACFixtures - Association Croquet
and AC Handicapper
and CA Tournament Secretary
Dr. Simon Hathrell
Email: AC
Phone: 01923 241582
Email: webmaster
Other committee members:
GC Murphy Shield fixtures
Email: Dr. Geoff Johnson
GC 4-club Trophy fixtures
Email: Roger Nicholls
Email: George Skinner
Email: Hazel Archer
Email: Mike Grossmith
Email: John Walker

Details of the club's organisation, committee and constitution can be found in the formal Club Constitution.

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Other contacts
ACAC Tour Organiser
Mark Homan
Email: ACtour
GCClub handicapper
Nick Archer
Email: GChandicapper
GCFixtures - Golf Croquet
Jason Carley
Email: GC
GCEACF B-level league fixtures
Email: Kevin Connolly
Safeguarding officer:
Email: John Smallbone
Accredited coaches:
AC Brian Havill [CA Grade 2]
AC John Smallbone [CA Grade 1 and club]
AC John Bee [CA Grade 1 and club]
AC Quiller Barrett [CA Grade 1]
AC Jason Carley [CA Grade 1]
AC Alan Clark [CA Grade 1]
GC Janet Lewis [CA Grade 1 and club]
GC Roger Nicholls [CA Grade 1 and club]
GC Brenda Theobald [CA Grade 1]
GC Jason Carley [CA Grade 1]
GC Alan Clark [CA Grade 1]
GC Brian Havill [CA Grade 1]
Qualified referees:
AC Gary Bennett
AC Simon Hathrell
GC Jason Carley
GC Stephen Webb
Key:    ACAssociation Croquet    GCGolf Croquet
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