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November 2019

Development of a new pavilion for the club has now been agreed with Watford Borough Council, and an order placed. The building is expected to be located adjacent to court 1. It is of a modular design, with the majority of the construction taking place in a factory off-site. Installation should start early in 2020 and take around a month.

The building is about 8m x 4.5m. The design includes an internal kitchen area and a toilet with external access, plus provision of water and electricity, though the timing of the connection of these services is yet to be clarified.

Design specification

Details of the pavilion design can be seen here (PDF 785 kb). Commercially sensitive information has been omitted.

Tuesday 25th February 2020

Preparing the site.

Wednesday 26th February

32 ground-screws installed as the foundations.

Monday 9th March

Assembly of the pre-fabricated modules starts.

Wednesday 11th March

Floor, exterior walls and roof erected. Arrangements for supplying electricity, water and drainage were also resolved.

Thursday 12th March

Doors and windows.

Friday 13th March

Exterior weatherproofing, and some interior views.

Monday 16th March

Preparing for the exterior cladding.

Thursday 19th March

Neoprene rubber sheet for the roof.

Friday 20th March

Exterior cladding attached, interior partition wall for the toilet started, kitchen fittings arrived, and mountings fitted for a removable exterior awning.

Wednesday 1st April

Coronavirus notwithstanding, work is under way on the trench for supplying water, electricity and drainage.