GC Golf Croquet

Fixtures contact: Roger Nicholls

The GC 4-Club Trophy is a competition between four local clubs: Leighton Linslade, Northampton, Watford and Wrest Park, played Level in teams of 3 with a minimum aggregate handicap of 4. There are 4 matches, one hosted at each club, with each match played in a tournament format in two all-play-all blocks of singles, with play-offs between the block leaders. Each club is awarded points according to the performance of its 3 players, and the winner is the club with the most points at the end of the season.

Last year Watford came 2nd, having been overtaken by Wrest Park in the last round.

Watford match results by year:

All games: = Level Play
Date & venue Results (Watford names in red)

Final position:

Play starts at 9.30 am unless otherwise indicated.

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