This page provides the latest available news and advice about the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic as it applies to the activities of the club.

Update 19th July

All legal Covid-19 restrictions on activities at the club and the use of its facilities have effectively been removed, and club activities are more or less back to normal. The new pavilion can be used. Use of the Court Booking System remains advisable for play outside the designated club roll-up sessions.

However, in view of the continuing rise in the number of Covid-19 infections in Watford and around the country, club members and visitors are still advised to exercise care, to continue sanitising appropriately and to avoid gathering indoors for extended periods while the virus remains widely in circulation.

Update 17th May

Following the further relaxation of restrictions announced by the government, the numbers playing on court are now effectively constrained only by the practical limitations of croquet rather than the latest Covid restrictions. Therefore regular club roll-up sessions can now resume. These will apply to courts 1 and 2. Courts booked in advance still take priority on courts 3 and 4 at all times, and on courts 1 and 2 outside the club sessions. The facilities of the new pavilion can also be used from May 17th, but food and beverages should still be consumed outside.

Update 22nd March

In accordance with government regulations and CA guidance, play on our courts can resume from Monday 29th March, limited to 6 socially-distanced players per court. Booking a court in advance remains mandatory. The new pavilion toilet can also be used from March 29th, but the rest of the pavilion remains closed until further notice.

The other general Covid precautions described below also still apply, i.e.:

Update 5th January

Given the latest 'Stay at Home' restrictions introduced nationally by the government, all play at the club will remain suspended until further notice.

Update 1st January

In view of both the extremely high current levels of Covid-19 infection in the area and the presently muddy ground conditions, the courts will remain closed for the time being.

General policy

All members should follow the latest government advice at all times in order to protect their own health and the health of others. Beware any unverified information from other sources, even if it appears plausible and comes from someone who claims to be an "expert". Some of this other information is simply wrong, and some of it is even positively dangerous.

The club will try to remain open and available for use by its members to the extent that it is compatible with government advice. Members are asked act responsibly for the welfare of both themselves and other members. However, members use the club at their own risk and should not assume that everyone else has acted responsibly.

Specifically therefore, only when stay-at-home restrictions are lifted and then until further notice, as far as possible wash your hands before and after handling any club equipment, including chairs, the hoop trolley, hoops, balls and especially mallets, and allow only one person at a time inside the storage hut or pavilion. There is a supply of alcohol-based hand sanitizer available, so please use it. Don't socialise inside the new pavilion. If you wish to eat or drink at the club you should bring your own drink, mugs and food, and consume them outside at a safe distance of 2m from other people. Then take them and your own rubbish back home for cleaning or disposal; don't leave them in the hut or the pavilion. And remember that you might be spreading the virus even if you don't have any symptoms.

A record of the Covid-19 restrictions applied last year can be found here.