by year:

The Club runs both internal and Open competitions for players during the course of the season. (See Matches for team competitions between clubs.)

Details of internal club tournaments are provisional pending the 2024 AGM.

Type Date Competition Winner(s)  
ACswissnational Sat 27 Apr AC Charity One-Ball  
ACopen Wed 15 May -
Thu 16 May
Open AC Midweek Advanced  
ACopen Sat 15 Jun Open AC One-Day  
ACopen Wed 24 Jul -
Thu 25 Jul
Open AC Midweek B-Level Advanced  
AC Thu 22 Aug AC One-Day Doubles [provisional]
AC Sat 7 Sep AC One-Day [provisional]
ACswiss Sat 21 Sep AC One-Ball [provisional]
AC   AC Level Advanced [provisional]
AC   AC B-Level Advanced [provisional]
ACKOmulti   AC Handicap [provisional]
ACKOnational   AC All England Handicap [provisional]
ACblocks   AC High Handicap [provisional]
GC Sun 21 Apr GC Progressive Doubles  
GCopen Fri 26 Apr Open GC C-Level  
GCopen Mon 6 May Open GC B-Level  
GCopen Sun 9 Jun Open GC Handicap Doubles  
GC Tue 25 Jun GC One-Day [provisional]
GCopen Sat 29 Jun -
Sun 30 Jun
Open GC A-level  
GCopen Sun 21 Jul EACF GC Club Champions Tournament  
GCopen Sat 31 Aug -
Sun 1 Sep
Open GC  
GC Sun 15 Sep GC Progressive Doubles [provisional]
GC   GC Level Play [provisional]
GC   GC Handicap Singles [provisional]
GCKOnational   GC All England Handicap [provisional]
GC   GC Handicap Doubles [provisional]
GC   GC Intermediate Handicap [provisional]
GC   GC High Handicap [provisional]
GC   GC Grass Roots [provisional]
AC Association Croquet
GC Golf Croquet
National National Croquet Association tournament.
Tournament Open tournament. Format: see published details.
Tournament Internal club tournament. Format: American (all-play-all) blocks. May include knock-out finals.
Swiss Internal club tournament. Format: Swiss or flexible Swiss.
KO Internal club tournament. Format: standard knock-out.
KO Internal club tournament. Format: multi-life knock-out.
national Internal club qualifying competition for a national tournament. The winners of these internal competitions proceed to the Area and National finals.
Where no date is shown the competition takes place over the course of the whole season.