The AC High Handicap
Championship Cup

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AC Association Croquet

Minimum handicap: 10 (at the start of the season).

Games will be 14pt games played off full bisque handicap to base 10 using current handicap on the day the game is played, preferably untimed, or to a time limit agreed between the players (minimum 2 hours; 2.5 hours if no agreement).

The competition is being played this year as a single American (all-play-all) block.

All games must be played by [date tba].

The winner will be decided first by number of games won, then by number of wins against those tied followed by net points difference in all games played.

Both players are responsible for contacting their opponents to arrange games.

Results of the games will be updated here from time to time.

Players must enter results on their handicap cards as usual.

Please note that 14-point handicap games count for ±10 points on the card, the same as for 26-point handicap games.

Details are provisional pending the tournament entry.

High Handicap Tournament
by year:

Tournament entry/draw/results not available.