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National The Longman Cup is a national inter-club croquet tournament that is run each year in England and Wales. Club teams comprise 4 players who must each have handicaps between 3.5 and 20, and with their aggregate handicap being at least 24. It is a knock-out competition within each region, played with handicaps, with the regional winners progressing to the national semi-finals and final at the end of the season.

Fixtures contact: Simon Hathrell

Longman Cup runners-up in 2015

Watford did quite well in this event a few years ago, though with several players gaining lower handicaps and becoming ineligible for the Longman Cup our success has migrated more recently towards the Mary Rose instead, and we have lost in the first round of the Longman Cup for the last 3 years. We were national Longman Cup champions in 2001, national finalists in 2003, 2012 and 2015, and regional finalists in 2004 and 2005.

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Longman Cup match results by year:

All games: H 26pt Handicap
Date Opponents Venue Results (Watford names first)
Round 1
Mon 6 May
Wrest Park Away

LOST 3-4

(Net index points: 0)
Mark Homan (5) &
John Bee (7)
lost to David Woolley (7) &
Geoff Strutt (10)
Jonathan Lambton (6) beat Peter Aspinall (11) +12
Adam Huby (8) lost to John Tew (6) -13
Mark Homan (5) lost to John Tew (6) -18
Jonathan Lambton (6) beat David Woolley (7) +5
John Bee (7) lost to Geoff Strutt (10) -22
Adam Huby (8) beat Peter Aspinall (11) +8

Handicap change: Jonathan Lambton 6 to 5, Mark Homan 5 to 6, John Bee 6 to 7

Statistics (Watford players)
Name Singles
Jonathan Lambton2-00-02-0
Adam Huby1-10-01-1
Mark Homan0-10-10-2
John Bee0-10-10-2

The full knock-out table for this year's results and an archive of the results back to 1989 for all clubs are maintained by the Croquet Association.

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