The Singles Championship

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AC Association Croquet

Format: blocks

All matches will be 26pt games played level to Advanced rules, preferably untimed, otherwise to a time limit agreed between the players (minimum 2.5 hours; 3.5 hours if no agreement). Block winners will be decided by the number of games won, then if tied by wins vs. those tied (or CA 'matchpoints' if incomplete), then by a 14-point level advanced play-off if time permits, otherwise by net points.

All block games should be played by 26th August.

Both players in each match are responsible for contacting their opponent to arrange the match.

Results of the matches will be updated here from time to time. They are also shown on the notice-board in the club hut. Players must enter results on their handicap cards as well.

Note: the draw for this tournament is seeded and arranged in conjunction with the draw for the B-Level Advanced tournament in order to reduce duplication.

Level Advanced Tournament
by year:

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Block A
Results vs.: SH BH AM JB WINS NET
Simon Hathrell   +7 +25 +18 3 +50
Brian Havill -7   +16 +12 2 +21
AndrĂ© Machell -25 -16   +5 1 -36
John Bee -18 -12 -5   0 -35
Block B
Results vs.: GB AC JS AR WINS NET
Gary Bennett   +7 +18 +22 3 +47
Alan Clark -7   +2 +14 2 +9
John Smallbone -18 -2   +10 1 -10
Arthur Reed -22 -14 -10   0 -46
by 16 September
Block A Winner
Simon Hathrell
Simon Hathrell
Simon Hathrell
Block B Runner-up
Alan Clark
Block B Winner
Gary Bennett
Brian Havill
Block A Runner-up
Brian Havill