AC Association Croquet

The club is provisionally staging another internal one-day Association Croquet One-Ball Tournament as an end-of-season event on Wednesday 23rd September (provisional).

The One-Ball game is a variation of Association Croquet in which each side only has one ball instead of two. In other respects the normal rules of Association Croquet apply, i.e. you can roquet and take croquet from your opponent's ball, and use this to help to make hoops. However, with only two balls in play, the games are typically quick and breaks are much harder to execute than in the full AC game, so the character of the One-Ball game is a bit more like Golf Croquet.

Results of these games should not be entered on the handicap card.

Details are provisional pending the 2020 AGM and the tournament entry.

Format: Flexible Swiss, minimum: 6 games (subject to weather and final list of participants).
Date: Wednesday 23 September (00:00 start)
Capacity: 26Entries so far: 0
Manager: Simon Hathrell
One-Ball Tournament
by year:

Tournament draw/results not available.

*Special handicap assigned for 1-ball only, as per the new 2018 CA guidelines.

Final ranking determined by the following tie-breaking rules:

1. Percentage of wins out of a minimum of 6 games.

2. Number of wins against those tied (if they all played each other).

3. 'Quality of wins' (i.e. aggregate percentage scored by opponents who were beaten).