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National The Secretary's Shield is a national knock-out competition between the winners of the regional leagues in the previous year. Exceptionally, Watford enters the Secretary's Shield in 2020 as a second entry from the East Anglian Federation, since last year's EACF winners St. Albans were also the national winners of the Secretary's Shield in 2019 and therefore get an automatic entry into the 2020 competition anyway. The last time Watford played in the Secretary's Shield was in 2018.

Fixtures contact: Simon Hathrell

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, Watford is participating this year in a revised, smaller competition.

Secretary's Shield match results by year:

All games: H 26pt Handicap
Date Opponents Venue Results (Watford names first)
Mon 20 Jul
(10:00 start)
St. Albans Home

LOST 1-4

(Net index points: -40)
Gary Bennett (-½) &
André Machell (7)
beat Stephen Mills (8) &
Roger Bowman (14)
Geoff Johnson (2½) lost to Heather Bennett (3½) -1
Gary Bennett (-½) lost to Heather Bennett (3½) -10
Geoff Johnson (2½) lost to Stephen Mills (8) -23
André Machell (7) lost to Roger Bowman (14) -2T

Handicap change: Wendy Spencer-Smith 11 to 12

Statistics (Watford players)
Name Singles
Gary Bennett0-11-01-1
André Machell0-11-01-1
Geoff Johnson0-20-00-2

The full set of results can be found on the CA website.

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