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Handicap Doubles Trophy

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GC Golf Croquet

Games will be played as single 13 hoop games to handicap difference using current handicaps on the day the game is played. The rules for calculating extra turns (bisques) for Doubles Handicap Games are on the notice board.

To qualify, a pair must have at least one player with a handicap of 6+ (at least 6) on the closing date for entry.

Games may be played to a time limit or untimed. If the players do not agree on any alternative, then a time limit of 1 hour will apply; if the score is tied at that point then one more hoop will be completed to decide the winner.

Format: tba

All games should be played by the end of September.

Players are responsible for contacting their opponents to arrange games.

Results of the games will be updated here from time to time.

Players should NOT enter results on their handicap cards.

GC Handicap Doubles
by year:
Name H'cap
André Machell 4
Robin Barry 10