AC Association Croquet

This is a 1-day internal club AC doubles tournament which is being run for the second time this year. The tournament format and number of hoops in each game will depend on the size of the entry, but the intention is that it should be suitable for all club members and is therefore likely to involve some form of handicap play, and if the entry is large enough then quite possibly shortened games in order to permit several rounds.

Being doubles, the results of games do NOT count for handicap cards.

AC One-Day Doubles
results by year:

Title: One-Day AC Doubles Tournament
Handicaps: AC: any
Capacity: -Entries so far: 8
Date: Wednesday 24 August
Manager: Simon Hathrell
Format: tba


  1. Play starts at 09:30, and entrants should expect to play until at least 6pm.
  2. Lunch and tea will be provided for a £5 fee.
  3. Parking will be available on the grass near to the courts. Pavilion & toilet available.
  4. Tie-breakers, in order (subject to format):
    1. Wins vs. those tied.
    2. Wins within time.
    3. Net hoops.
  5. Whites are optional (but the manager thinks they look nice).

Name Club H'cap
Nick Archer Watford
Geoff Johnson Watford 3
Mark Homan Watford
André Machell Watford 5
Stephen Mills Watford 5
John Bee Watford 10
Quiller Barrett Watford 11
Mike Stansfield Watford 12