AC Association Croquet

All EnglandThe Club is hosting the National Final for the Croquet Association's AC All England Handicap Championship, for winners of qualifying tournaments at clubs and the Area Finals. The number of qualifiers from each club is determined by the size of that club's qualifying competition. In addition, there is the possibility of some "nomad" players from clubs without any qualifying competition.

Title: All England Handicap Championship Final
Date & time: Saturday 17 - Sunday 18 September 2022, 12:00 start on both days
Number of places: -Entries so far: 0
Manager and RoT: Email Simon Hathrell
Director: Email Hilary Smith (Compton)
Secretary: Email CA Office
The Croquet Association, Old Bath Road, GL53 7DF
Phone: 01242 242318
Entries: As determined by the Croquet Association.
Format: 5-round Swiss, or AMD if necessary
26pt handicap games played to full bisque handicap base 10
3-hour time limit per game
Winner: The winner will be the player with the most wins; then if tied, determined in accordance with standard CA tournament regulations.
  1. See the CA website for more information.
  2. Information about parking arrangements will be sent to participants.
  3. Lunch and tea will be provided for a £5 fee.

Report to follow after the tournament.

Tournament entry/draw/results not available.