AC Association Croquet

League The Anderson Shield is a new regional team competition for level advanced AC play sponsored by the East Anglian Federation. Teams consist of four players with a minimum handicap of 0 and an aggregate handicap of at least 10. (Teams of 3 with a minimum aggregate of 7½ may be used for play at clubs with only one court.)

The competition format is a single-life knock-out.

Fixtures contact: Simon Hathrell

League tables by year:
AC Anderson Shield results by year:

Date Opponents Venue Results (Watford names first)
Thu 26 May
Letchworth Away

LOST 2-5

All games: =(Net index points: -30)
Gary Bennett (1) &
André Machell (5)
beat Heather Bennett (1½) &
John Noble (4½)
Alan Clark (4) lost to Keith Rhodes (3) -1T
Mark Homan (4½) lost to David Matthews (3) -15
Gary Bennett (1) beat Heather Bennett (1½) +26
Alan Clark (4) lost to David Matthews (3) -20
Mark Homan (4½) lost to Keith Rhodes (3) -4
André Machell (5) lost to John Noble (4½) -8

Handicap change: André Machell 5 to 6

Statistics (Watford players)
Name Singles
Gary Bennett1-01-02-0
André Machell0-11-01-1
Alan Clark0-20-00-2
Mark Homan0-20-00-2
= Level Advanced

Matches start at 10.00 am unless otherwise indicated.

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