The Grass Roots
Golf Croquet Cup

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GC Golf Croquet

All EnglandThe Club runs a preliminary tournament for the Grass Roots Golf Croquet Competition which is open to beginners without a handicap and higher handicappers with a Golf Croquet handicap of 9 and over. The competition is played as a series of 13-point doubles games with a change of partners after each game. The top four players play a singles semi-final and final and a number of players depending on the size of entry go forward to a Regional Final, to be held at home at Watford on Saturday 4th August. The entry fee of £5 is paid by the Club. Winners from the Regional Final proceed to the National Final, to be held at Northampton on Saturday 8th September.

This national competition has been won by a Watford player three times in recent years - John Walker in 2005, Nick Archer in 2007, and Frances Skinner in 2009.

This year the preliminary tournament is on Tuesday 12th June 2012.

GC Grass Roots Tournament
by year:

As a consequence of poor weather and a small entry, this year's competition format was adjusted to 4 rounds of progressive doubles and 3 rounds of all-play-all singles, with each game limited to 7 hoops or 25 minutes whichever was the shorter.

  progressive doubles with: singles against: final scores:
Hazel Archer   4-2 4-3
2-5   4-3 4-2 5-2 6 27 1
Adrian Lepper 4-2   5-2 3-4
3-4   5-2 5-2 4 27 2
Phyllida Johnson 4-3
5-2   2-4 2-4 2-5   5-2 4 24 3
Angela Lepper 2-5 3-4
2-4   2-5 2-5 2-5   0 15 4
Hazel Archer

Note: in the 'progressive doubles' part of the table, the score for a particular entry is for the game played by the doubles pair comprising the persons named on the left of the row and the top of the column, against the pair comprising the other two players. Conversely in the 'singles' section the score for a particular entry is for the game played by the person named on the left of the row against the person named at the top of the column. The totals on the right of a row then correspond to the cumulative scores across both doubles and singles for the person named at the left of the same row.