AC Association Croquet

This Tournament is an informal one-day Association Croquet singles competition held at Watford. It is primarily for club members and is not in the CA calendar, but there are a few players invited from other nearby clubs in order to make the numbers up.

Title: September One-Day AC Tournament AC One-Day Tournament
results by year:

Handicaps: AC: any
Date: Saturday 29 September 2012
Number of places: 12
Manager: Simon Hathrell
Entry fee: £5
Format: Flexible Swiss, 4 rounds
18-point games,  2-hour time-limit per game
Mixed formats: Level Advanced, Handicap Advanced or simple Handicap, with the higher handicap player choosing in each game.


  1. Play starts at 09:30, and entrants should expect to play until 6pm.
  2. Refreshments and a light tea are provided but please bring your own lunch.
  3. Winner: the player with the most wins. Tie-breakers, in order:
    1. Wins vs. those tied.
    2. "Quality of wins" (i.e. number of wins scored by defeated opponents).
    3. Wins within time.
  4. There will also be a consolation prize for the player, other than the winner, with the largest net index point gain.

The club's 2012 AC tournament season ended in fine style with a closely-contested one-day tournament under sunny autumn skies. The unusual mixture of Level Advanced, Handicap Advanced and simple Handicap 18-point games in one block with a large range of player handicaps worked without any problems, accounting for 25%, 25% and 50% of the games played respectively. As might be expected, for the most part the Advanced rules were preferred by the lower handicap players, but notably the highest handicapper, Janet Carleton, also opted spiritedly for Advanced rules in all but one of her four games.

After the first three rounds Arthur Reed was in a clear lead as the only player to have won all three of his games so far, but with several others on 2 wins there was still everything to play for in the final round. Then Arthur lost quickly to Chris Frost, putting them equal on 3 wins each, and the contest ended up in dramatic style depending on the very last game to finish, between Brian Havill and Janet Carleton, who each had 2 wins from the earlier rounds. The winner of that game would therefore join Arthur and Chris on 3 wins apiece. Working through the rather tricky tie-breaking permutations, it was calculated that if Janet won that last game she would win the tournament (having beaten Chris in their individual encounter), and if Brian won then Chris would win the tournament (having beaten Arthur in their individual encounter). In the event it went to a very close finish, with all four balls for peg and Janet having run out of bisques. In the end Janet missed a longish roquet by a whisker, enabling Brian to peg out for a +2 win and thereby convey the tournament victory and the prize of a bottle of "Croquet" aperitif to Chris. But although Brian missed out on the title, he won the consolation prize for the largest net index point gain. 


Chris Frost   +18   +16         -8   +7   3 6 3 +20
Arthur Reed -18     +5 +11 +15             3 6 3 +9
Brian Havill           -2T +10T   +2 +5T     3 6 1 +20
Terry Mahoney -16 -5     +13     +16         2 4 2 -13
John Smallbone   -11   -13       +13 +4       2 4 2 +7
Quiller Barrett   -15 +2T       +6T -2         2 5 0 +8
Adam Huby     -10T     -6T       +8T +10   2 3 1 0
Mark Homan       -16 -13 +2           +7 2 2 2 +9
Janet Carleton +8   -2   -4             +7 2 3 2 0
John Moore     -5T       -8T       +3T +7 2 1 1 0
Robin Barry -7           -10     -3T   +10 1 0 1 -20
Heather Bennett               -7 -7 -7 -10   0 0 0 -40
Handicap Handicap Advanced Level Advanced
Chris Frost

Tournament winner
Chris Frost in full swing
Name Club H'cap
Terry Mahoney St. Albans 2
Arthur Reed Watford
John Smallbone Watford
Mark Homan Watford 6
Chris Frost St. Albans 7
Robin Barry Watford 9
Quiller Barrett Watford 10
Adam Huby Watford 11
Brian Havill Enfield 11
John Moore Watford 14
Heather Bennett St. Albans 14
Janet Carleton Watford 26

Handicap change: Heather Bennett 14 to 16, Brian Havill 11 to 10.


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Adam Huby

Arthur Reed

Brian Havill

Janet Carleton

John Moore

John Smallbone

Mark Homan

Quiller Barrett

Robin Barry
(background: Heather Bennett)

Terry Mahoney