GC Golf Croquet

National The Golf Croquet Inter-Club (Murphy) Shield is a national competition sponsored by the Croquet Association. Teams consist of four players with an aggregate handicap of at least 12. One player may have a handicap of 2, the others must be higher.

Watford lost in the first round in 2014, having become the national champions in the previous year.

The competition format is a single-life knock-out.

Handicaps shown below are the new handicaps used for the CA's new national GC handicapping system being trialled in the East Anglian region in 2015. Details of the trial can be found on the EACF website.

Fixtures contact: Roger Nicholls

GC Inter-Club (Murphy) Shield results by year:

All games: = Level Play
Date Opponents Venue Results (Watford names & scores first)
Preliminary round
Thu 14 May
Hunstanton Away

LOST 2-4 [hoops: 74 - 82]

(Net index points: -32)
Ian Parkinson (1) &
Arthur Reed (3)
vs. David Thirtle-Watts (2) &
Terrey Sparks (3)
Alan Clark (6) lost to Peter Brown (7) 4-7, 3-7
Ron Drew (6) lost to Tony Lee (4) 6-7, 6-7
Ian Parkinson (1) beat David Thirtle-Watts (2) 7-6, 7-6
Arthur Reed (3) lost to Terrey Sparks (3) 5-7, 4-7
Alan Clark (6) beat Tony Lee (4) 7-3, 7-5
Ron Drew (6) lost to Peter Brown (7) 6-7, 5-7

Handicaps as per CA trial in the EACF region.

Statistics (Watford players)
Name Singles
Ian Parkinson2-01-03-0
Alan Clark2-20-02-2
Arthur Reed0-21-01-2
Ron Drew0-40-00-4

Matches start at 10.00 am unless otherwise indicated.

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