Notices by year:

ACGC 2014 Club Competition entries
The closing date for entries into this year's club competitions is Monday 24th March.
GC GC Effective Handicaps
The CA has introduced a new "effective" handicap scheme for GC in 2014 in order to address a perceived imbalance in the use of actual handicaps in some handicap games. The effective handicap is derived from the actual handicap using the table below, and bisques (extra turns) in GC handicap games are then calculated from the difference in the players' respective effective handicaps.
Handicap Effective Handicap Handicap Effective handicap Handicap Effective Handicap
-3 -6 3 2 9 9
-2 -6 4 4 10 10
-1 -5 5 5 11 11
0 -4 6 6 12 12
1 -2 7 7 * *
2 0 8 8 * *
As can be seen from the table, the effective handicap only differs from the actual handicap for players with an actual handicap of 3 or less. Further details can be found on the CA website.
2014 AGM
The Annual General Meeting will take place at The Methodist Church Hall, New Road, Croxley Green, WD3 3EL at 7:30 pm on Thursday 20th March. Club members should have received copies of the agenda and associated documents by email or post prior to the meeting.