In addition to Club days and casual games between club members, there are various activities including coaching, internal club competitions, and matches against other clubs.


Calendars by year:

Date show hide Show/hide all Type Event / Opponents Venue / Result
hide APRIL
Wed 30 April ACLeague Colworth Home   WON 5-1
hide MAY
Sat 10 May ACLeague St. Albans Away   LOST 1-3
Thu 22 May (10:30) ACNational Huddersfield Nottingham   WON 7-0
hide JUNE
Fri 6 June GCFriendly Leighton Linslade Away   LOST 7-9
Tue 10 & Fri 13 June GCTournament GC Grass Roots Tournament Winners: Anne Dennis,
Alan Wilkie
Thu 12 June GCTournament GC Centre Stage Tournament Winner: Wendy Spencer-Smith
Mon 16 June GCFriendly Phyllis Court Away   WON 9-7
Thu 19 June ACLeague Northampton Away   WON 5-1
Fri 20 June ACLeague Meldreth Home   WON 4-1
Tue 24 June GCFriendly High Wycombe Away   WON 6-3
Fri 27 June GCLeague Leighton Linslade (Handicap) Home   WON 12-6
Sun 29 June ACNational Colchester Away   LOST 0-7
Mon 30 June (10:30) ACNational High Wycombe Surbiton   LOST 3-4
hide JULY
Fri 4 July GCFriendly Stony Stratford Home   WON 11-5
Tue 8 July GCLeague Letchworth (Handicap) Away   LOST 7-11
Fri 11 July ACFriendly Newport Away   WON 7-1
Fri 18 July GCLeague Stony Stratford (Handicap) Away   LOST 9-10
Sat 19 July ACLeague Enfield Home   LOST 2-4
Thu 24 - Mon 28 July ACFriendly AC Tour
Away Matches:W:4, D:1, L:0
Games:W:25, L:15
Fri 25 July GCFriendly Phyllis Court Home   WON 11-5
Thu 7 August ACLeague Wrest Park Away   LOST 2-4
Fri 8 August GCLeague Wrest Park (Handicap) Home   WON 10-9
Tue 12 August GCLeague Northampton (Handicap) Away   LOST 9-10
Sat 16 August ACFriendly Phyllis Court Away   DREW 3-3
Mon 18 August ACFriendly Hampstead Heath Home   WON 6-1
Fri 29 August GCFriendly Leighton Linslade Home   WON 9-7
Sat 6 September ACLeague Letchworth Away   WON 4-2
Sat 6 September GCFriendly Letchworth Home   LOST 6-12
Thu 18 September GCFriendly High Wycombe Home
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AC Association Croquet League League match Friendly Friendly match Tournament Tournament
GC Golf Croquet League League Regional finals National National club competition 4Club 4-Club Tournament

10:00am start for matches and 9:30am start for tournaments unless otherwise indicated.

See also the Croquet Association Fixtures Calendar and the East Anglian Croquet Federation Diary.



Apart from when it clashes with the match calendar above, Club members meet each week during the playing season as follows. Club members who turn up at the lawns on one of these occasions can usually expect to get a game. At other times it is generally advisable to plan a specific game with another club member in advance. A list of members' contact details is posted inside the club hut.

Mondays   free
Tuesdays* GC

Golf Croquet 11:30 - 13:30 and
from 14:00

Wednesdays AC Association Croquet from 14:00
Thursdays AC Association Croquet from 14:00
Fridays GC Golf Croquet from 10:00
Saturdays AC Association Croquet from 14:00
Sundays GC Golf Croquet from 14:00

* From 14:00 for doubles on all Tuesdays, and from 11:30 to 13:30 on Tuesdays for singles with effect from 24th June, though sometimes one court may be reserved for Association Croquet games in the morning session.



There are no formal coaching courses scheduled for 2008, but free informal coaching is generally offered by the more experienced players on club days on a ad hoc basis to both existing club members and prospective new members who seek it.