GC Golf Croquet

The Club ran a qualifying tournament for the Golf Croquet All England Handicap competition.

Matches were played as single 13 hoop games to handicap difference using the current handicap on the day the game was played. All results are entered as scores e.g. 7/2 or 2/7 as appropriate. The winner was decided first by number of games won, then by number of wins against those tied followed by net points difference in all games played.

The winner qualified for the Area Finals to be played at Newport, Essex on Saturday 6 August 2005. The entry fee of £3 was paid by the Club.

GC All England Handicap
by year:
Results vs.: NW RN JB RD WINS NET
Norah Ward   7-4 7-6 7-5 3 +6
Roger Nicholls 4-7   7-6 - 1 -2
John Bee 6-7 6-7   - 0 -2
Ron Drew 5-7 - -   0 -2
Norah Ward