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National The Longman Cup is a national inter-club croquet tournament that is run each year in England and Wales. Club teams comprise 4 players who must each have handicaps between 3.5 and 20, and with their aggregate handicap exceeding 24. It is a knock-out competition within each region, played with handicaps, with the regional winners progressing to the national semi-finals and final at the end of the season.

Fixtures contact: Simon Hathrell

Watford did well in this event in the first half of the last decade, but has had less success in more recent years:

Winning the Longman Cup in 2001

2010: we reached the regional finals, losing to Parsons Green.

2009: we lost in the second round to Wrest Park.

2008: we lost in the second round to Colchester.

2007: we reached the regional finals, losing to Norwich.

2006: we reached the second round, losing to Norwich.

2005: we reached the regional finals, losing to Newport.

2004: we reached the regional finals, losing to Colchester.

2003: we reached the national finals, where we were runners up to Nottingham.

2002: we reached the third round, losing to St. Albans.

2001: we were the national champions.

Longman Cup match results by year:

All games: H 26pt Handicap
Date Opponents Venue Results (Watford names first)
Preliminary round
Sat 4 Jun
Reigate Priory Home

WON 4-3

(Net index points: +20)
Mark Homan (4½) &
John Bee (5)
lost to Roger Tedstone (3½) &
Andrew Gray (6)
Robin Barry (14) beat Geoff Gunton (6) +12T
Adam Huby (12) lost to John Bristow (11) -12T
Mark Homan (4½) beat Roger Tedstone (3½) +1T
John Bee (5) beat Andrew Gray (6) +7T
Adam Huby (12) lost to Geoff Gunton (6) -1T
Robin Barry (14) beat John Bristow (11) +9T

Handicap change: Robin Barry 14 to 12
Round 1
Wed 29 Jun
Medway Home

WON 5-2

(Net index points: +40)
Quiller Barrett (9) &
Robin Barry (12)
lost to Richard Lea (11) &
Allan Card (11)
Geoff Johnson (12) beat Liz Maltby (12) +3T
Peter Chadwick (18) beat Peter Highton (12) +18
Quiller Barrett (9) lost to Richard Lea (11) -13
Robin Barry (12) beat Allan Card (11) +16
Geoff Johnson (12) beat Peter Highton (12) +21
Peter Chadwick (18) beat Liz Maltby (12) +6T
Round 2
Sat 30 Jul
(10:30 start)
Guildford & Godalming Away

LOST 3-4

(Net index points: -20)
Quiller Barrett (10) &
Adam Huby (12)
beat Robert Bateson (6) &
Arthur Lindley (9)
Wendy Spencer-Smith (16) lost to Mike Thompson (11) -6T
Peter Chadwick (18) beat Andrew Fewster (10) +14
Quiller Barrett (10) lost to Robert Bateson (6) -5T
Adam Huby (12) lost to Arthur Lindley (9) -1T
Wendy Spencer-Smith (16) lost to Andrew Fewster (10) -4T
Peter Chadwick (18) beat Mike Thompson (11) +1T

Statistics (Watford players)
Name Singles
Peter Chadwick4-00-04-0
Robin Barry3-00-13-1
Geoff Johnson2-00-02-0
Mark Homan1-00-11-1
John Bee1-00-11-1
Adam Huby0-31-01-3
Quiller Barrett0-21-11-3
Wendy Spencer-Smith0-20-00-2

This year the national Semi-Finals and Final will be played at Surbiton over the weekend of 1st-2nd October.

The full knock-out table for this year's results and an archive of the results back to 1989 for all clubs are maintained by the Croquet Association.

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