AC Association Croquet

All EnglandThe Club runs a qualifying tournament for the All England Handicap Championship which is open to all club members. The winner and runner-up qualify for the Area Finals, to be played on 3-4 September at Colchester. The winner and loser of the third place play-off between the losing semi-finalists will act as first and second reserve respectively should either of the finalists become unavailable for the Area Finals. Winners from the Area Finals proceed to the National Finals, to be held over the weekend of 17-18 September at Sidmouth.

The winner of this qualifying tournament will also become the last of the four semi-finalists in the internal Handicap Tournament.

Matches will be 26pt games played off full bisque handicap to base 10 using current handicap (maximum 20) on the day the game is played, and played to a time limit agreed between the players (3.5 hours if no agreement).

Both players in each match are responsible for contacting their opponent to arrange the match.

Results of the matches will be updated here from time to time. They are also shown on the notice-board in the club hut.

All England Handicap
by year:
Area Finals: Alan Clark, Adam Huby
by 5 June
by 3 July
by 31 July
by 21 August
Wendy Spencer-Smith Janet Carleton
Alan Clark
Alan Clark

Alan Clark

Also becomes
the fourth
in the internal

Janet Carleton
  Alan Clark
Geoff Johnson Geoff Johnson
Mark Homan
Arthur Reed
  Mark Homan
Adam Huby Adam Huby
Adam Huby
Adam Huby
Ian Parkinson
  Robin Barry
John Smallbone Simon Hathrell
Simon Hathrell
Simon Hathrell
  John Bee
by 7 August
(not played)