by year:

The Club runs both internal and Open competitions for players during the course of the season. (See Matches for team competitions between clubs.)

In recent years a 'Gymkhana' has also been staged for club members, where participants have fun testing their skill using croquet equipment in a series of challenges.

Type Date Competition Winner(s)  
blocks Sat 22 May Gymkhana Geoff Johnson, Steve Dennis
ACswiss Thu 8 Apr AC One-Ball Geoff Johnson
ACblocks   AC Level Advanced John Smallbone
ACKOmulti   AC Handicap * Simon Hathrell Simon Hathrell
ACKOnational   AC All England Handicap * Simon Hathrell
ACblocks   AC High Handicap Janet Carleton
ACblocks   AC Ladies Handicap Janet Lewis
GCopen Mon 10 May Open GC B-Level Jane Collier
GCblocksnational Mon 7 Jun GC Centre Stage Geoff Johnson
GCblocksnational Tue 22 Jun GC Grass Roots Robert Archer
GCblocks   GC Level Play Janet Lewis
GCKOmulti   GC Handicap Singles Steve Dennis
GCKOnational   GC All England Handicap Anne Dennis
GCKOmulti   GC Handicap Doubles Anne Dennis & Maureen Croft
GCblocks   GC High Handicap Robert Archer

* The winner of the All England Handicap qualifying competition is a semi-finalist in the Handicap knock-out.

AC Association Croquet
GC Golf Croquet
National National Croquet Association tournament.
Tournament Open tournament. Format: see published details.
Tournament Internal club tournament. Format: American (all-play-all) blocks. May include knock-out finals.
Swiss Internal club tournament. Format: Swiss or flexible Swiss.
KO Internal club tournament. Format: standard knock-out.
KO Internal club tournament. Format: multi-life knock-out.
national Internal club qualifying competition for a national tournament. The winners of these internal competitions proceed to the Area and National finals.
Where no date is shown the competition takes place over the course of the whole season.