As a repeat of last year's popular event, on Saturday 22nd May the club staged a Gymkhana. The competition took the form of a series of 10 short challenges of various types, most with 6 attempts, and all of which involved the use of croquet mallets and balls. The resemblance to the game of croquet stopped there!

Gymkhana by year:

By good fortune the weather had finally decided that it was about time to behave like summer, which was a big bonus.

The challenges were the seven illustrated below, plus

  • 'Peg out': hit the peg from 7 yards.
  • 'Turn left': run hoop 3 from the east boundary in 2 shots.
  • The finale: starting from the south boundary, use as few shots as possible to run hoops 1, 2, 3, penult, and then peg out.
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