GC Golf Croquet

The Club runs a qualifying tournament for the Golf Croquet All England Handicap competition. 

Matches will be played as single 13 hoop games to handicap difference using the current handicap on the day the game is played. All results to be entered as scores e.g. 7/2 or 2/7 as appropriate. The four semi-finalists will qualify for the Area Finals to be played at Newport, Essex on Saturday 5th August. 

Results of the matches will be updated here from time to time. They are also shown on the notice-board in the club hut.


GC All England Handicap
by year:
Area Finals:
by 21 May
by 11 June
by 2 July
by 23 July
Ian Parkinson Ian Parkinson
Ian Parkinson
(not played) (not played)
Maureen Croft
Airlie Middleton Anne Dennis
Anne Dennis
Roger Nicholls Roger Nicholls
Roger Nicholls
Linda Spurr
Wendy Spencer-Smith Wendy Spencer-Smith
Norah Ward
Terry Naylor-Vane Helen Walker
John Bee
(not played)
Helen Walker
Beryl Wilkie John Bee
John Bee
Angela Naylor-Vane Alan Wilkie John Walker
Alan Wilkie
Janet Lewis John Walker
John Walker