AC Association Croquet

Friendly Friendly matches against other clubs are arranged from time to time during the course of the season, typically against clubs outside the East Anglian region. The number of participants and the format of play may vary.

Friendly matches played as part of the South West Tour are shown separately.

Fixtures contact: Simon Hathrell

Friendly AC match results by year:

Date Opponents Venue Results (Watford names first)
Sat 1 Jun Cambridge University Home

WON 6-2

All games: =(Net index points: 0)
Simon Hathrell (-½) &
André Machell
beat Peter Willeit &
Cesar Miranda-Reyes
Arthur Reed (2½) &
Adam Huby (10)
beat Tom Eccles &
Luke Reynolds
Brian Havill (9) beat Peter Ford +16T
Brian Havill (9) beat Peter Willeit +5T
John Moore (14) beat Peter Ford +12T
Arthur Reed (2½) beat Luke Reynolds +16
Adam Huby (10) lost to Cesar Miranda-Reyes -3T
André Machell lost to Tom Eccles -10

Statistics (Watford players)
Name Singles
Brian Havill2-00-02-0
Arthur Reed1-01-02-0
John Moore1-00-01-0
Simon Hathrell0-01-01-0
André Machell0-11-01-1
Adam Huby0-11-01-1
= Level Advanced

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