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Wed 8 March (19:30)   Annual club dinner Blue Check Restaurant, 144-146 High St., Bushey, WD23 3DH
Mon 13 March (19:30)   AGM Video conference
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Sun 2 April GC GC coaching course (Chiltern Academy)  
Mon 17 April GCLeague Letchworth (Level Open) Away   LOST 8-12
Wed 19 April GCNational Ealing Home   WON 6-1
Fri 21 April GCLeague Watford Cloaks (Handicap)    LOST 6-12
Sat 22 April (09:30) ACTournament EACF AC Club Champions Tournament Winners: Nick Steiner,
Jeff Farrington,
Stuart Stafford
Sun 23 April (10:00) GCTournament GC Progressive Doubles Tournament Winners: Steve Dennis,
Anne Dennis
Mon 24 April ACLeague Northampton Away   LOST 2-4
Mon 24 April GCNational Enfield Home   LOST 3-4
Wed 26 April (10:00) ACTournament AC Charity One-Ball Tournament Winner: Eddie Chung
Fri 28 April GCTournament Open GC C-Level Tournament Winners: Mike Grossmith,
Jane Probitts
Sun 30 April (14:00) ACGC Open Afternoon  
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Mon 1 May GCTournament Open GC B-Level Tournament Winners: Eddie Chung,
Andrew Wilson
Tue 2 May (14:00) ACGC Private event  
Wed 3 May GCLeague Stony Stratford Blues (Handicap) Home   LOST 6-12
Mon 8 May ACNational Pinchbeck Home   WON 4-3
Thu 11 May (14:00) GC Private event  
Wed 17 - Thu 18 May ACTournament Open AC Midweek Advanced Tournament Winners: Nigel Polhill,
Gary Bennett
Fri 19 May GCLeague Leighton Linslade (Handicap) Home   WON 10-8
Wed 24 May ACNational Nottingham Away   LOST 0-7
Fri 26 May GCLeague Wrest Park (B-Level) Away   WON 12-6
Sun 28 May (14:00) ACGC Open Afternoon  
Wed 31 May ACLeague St. Albans Home   DREW 3-3
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Fri 2 June GCFriendly Leighton Linslade Home   WON 11-5
Thu 8 June GCLeague Newport (Level Open) Away   LOST 6-12
Sun 11 June GCTournament Open GC Handicap Doubles Tournament Winners: Şebnem Kaya &
Ron Hibbs,
Des Taylor &
Jane Taylor
Wed 14 June ACFriendly Cambridge University Home   WON 9-2
Wed 14 June GCNational Nottingham Away   WON 5-2
Thu 15 June ACLeague Wrest Park Away   LOST 2-4
Thu 15 June GCLeague Stony Stratford Greens (Handicap) Home   WON 15-3
Sat 17 June ACTournament Open AC One-Day Tournament Winners: Jon Palin,
Stephen Mills
Thu 22 June (16:00) GC Private event  
Fri 23 June GCLeague Leighton Linslade (Handicap) Away   LOST 7-11
Sun 25 June (14:00) ACGC Open Afternoon  
Mon 26 June GC4-club GC 4-Club Trophy Leighton Linslade   SCORE: 19 points
Thu 29 June GCLeague Letchworth (B-Level) Home   WON 12-6
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Sat 1 - Sun 2 July GCTournament Open GC A-level Tournament Winner: John Taylor
Tue 4 July GCLeague Wrest Park (Handicap) Home   LOST 8-10
Fri 7 & Sun 9 July (10:00) GCTournament GC Grass Roots Tournament Winner: Şebnem Kaya
Mon 10 July (18:00) GC Croxley Guides  
Wed 12 July GCLeague Enfield (Level Open) Home   WON 14-4
Sat 15 - Sun 16 July GCFriendly GC Tour Away
Tue 18 July GC4-club GC 4-Club Trophy Wrest Park   SCORE: 15 points
Fri 21 July GCLeague Leighton Linslade (B-Level) Home   LOST 6-12
Sat 22 July ACNational Wrest Park Away   WON 4-0
Sun 23 July (14:00) ACGC Open Afternoon  
Mon 24 - Sun 30 July ACFriendly AC Tour
Away Matches:W:1, D:1, L:5
Games:W:24, L:33
Mon 24 July GCLeague Stony Stratford Blues (Handicap) Away   LOST 3-7
Mon 31 July (14:00) ACGC Cub scouts  
Wed 2 - Thu 3 August ACTournament Open AC Midweek B-Level Advanced Tournament Winners: Andrew Dutton,
Arthur Reed
Tue 8 August GCLeague Wrest Park (Handicap) Away   LOST 4-14
Fri 11 August GCFriendly Hampstead Heath Home   WON 9-7
Sun 13 August GCFriendly Ealing Home   LOST 3-15
Tue 15 August GC4-club GC 4-Club Trophy    SCORE: 23 points
Wed 16 August ACLeague Newport Home   WON 4-3
Thu 17 August GCNational Dulwich Home   LOST 2-4
Fri 18 August GCLeague Northampton (B-Level) Away   WON 11-7
Tue 22 August GCLeague Wrest Park (Level Open) Away   LOST 5-13
Wed 23 August ACNational Hurlingham Away   LOST 2-4
Wed 23 August ACTournament AC One-Day Doubles Tournament Winner: André Machell &
Jason Carley
Fri 25 August GCLeague Stony Stratford Greens (Handicap) Away   DREW 5-5
Fri 25 August GCFriendly Leighton Linslade Away   LOST 7-9
Sun 27 August (14:00) ACGC Open Afternoon  
Sat 2 - Sun 3 September GCTournament Open GC Tournament Winners: Tim King,
Ross Bagni
Tue 5 September GC4-club GC 4-Club Trophy Wrest Park   SCORE: 17 points
Wed 6 September GCLeague Northampton (Level Open) Home   WON 14-4
Sat 9 September ACTournament AC One-Day Tournament Winner: James Brind
Sun 10 September GCLeague GC Handicap League play-off
Wed 13 September ACLeague Letchworth Home   WON 5-1
Thu 14 September GCFriendly Phyllis Court Home   Cancelled
Sun 17 September GCTournament GC Progressive Doubles Tournament Winners: Ron Hibbs,
John Suckling
Tue 19 September ACLeague Pinchbeck Wrest Park   WON 4-3
Sat 23 September (10:00) ACTournament AC One-Ball Tournament Winner: Lois Hall
Sun 24 September GCLeague GC B-Level League final
Mon 16 October   Courts 1,3 and 4 closed for winter maintenance.  
Sat 16 December   Court 2 now closed and court 1 re-opened.  
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10:00am start for matches and 9:30am start for tournaments unless otherwise indicated.