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National The Mary Rose is a national inter-club team croquet competition that is run each year in England and Wales by the Croquet Association. Club teams comprise 4 players who must each have handicaps of at least 0, and with their aggregate handicap being at least 4. It is a knock-out competition played to Level Advanced rules, with the earlier rounds drawn on a regional basis to minimise travel times.

Fixtures contact: Simon Hathrell

This year is Watford's third year in the competition and we are the defending champions, having won it in 2017.

Mary Rose match results by year:

All games: = Level Advanced
Date Opponents Venue Results (Watford names first)
Round 1
Round 2
Mon 14 May
Pinchbeck Wrest Park

WON 7-0

(Net index points: +50)
Gary Bennett (1) &
Alan Clark (1)
beat Mike Bowser (2) &
Bob Thompson (2)
Brian Havill (1) beat Terrey Sparks (2½) +9
Nick Archer (2½) beat John Filsak (2½) +8
Alan Clark (1) beat Mike Bowser (2) +20
Brian Havill (1) beat John Filsak (2½) +13
Gary Bennett (1) beat Bob Thompson (2) +6
Nick Archer (2½) beat Terrey Sparks (2½) +21

Handicap change: Gary Bennett 1 to ½, Nick Archer 2½ to 2
Wed 11 Jul
(10:30 start)
Colchester Home  

Statistics (Watford players)
Name Singles
Brian Havill2-00-02-0
Nick Archer2-00-02-0
Gary Bennett1-01-02-0
Alan Clark1-01-02-0


The full knock-out table for this year's results and an archive of the results back to 1989 for all clubs are maintained by the Croquet Association.

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