GC Golf Croquet

4-club 4-CLUB TROPHY

Fixtures contact: Roger Nicholls

The GC 4-Club Trophy is a competition between four local clubs: Leighton Linslade, Northampton, Watford and Wrest Park, played Level in teams of 3 with a minimum aggregate handicap of 4. There are 4 matches, one hosted at each club, with each match played in a tournament format in two all-play-all blocks of singles, with play-offs between the block leaders. Each club is awarded points according to the performance of its 3 players, and the winner is the club with the most points at the end of the season.

Watford match results by year:

All games: = Level Play
Date Opponents Venue Results (Watford names & scores first)
Fri 11 May Leighton Linslade  
Thu 21 Jun Northampton  
Mon 23 Jul Wrest Park  
Mon 17 Sep tba  

Note: The last round will be played at Watford if the third court is ready for use by then, otherwise at Wrest Park.

Final position:

Matches start at 10.00 am unless otherwise indicated.

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